• Human Resources SoftwareHuman Resources

      The CLIU #21 Human Resources application is a customizable application designed to be a centralized data repository with access for all staff members to track employee data, entitlements and benefits.

      Key Features

      • Easy to use: this web-based product can be used anywhere you have an internet connection
      • You control your rollout schedule and which features you would like to use in your organization
      • Reduces work load of your staff by putting some responsibility in the hands of the employees for routine automated
      • Customizable for your district
      • Requires no technical support on your end, hosting and technical support is done by our staff

      Human Resources Main Component

      • Provides a data collection format for districts to input, maintain and collect data on each employee in the district
      • Info tracked includes demographic data, certifications, employment history, tuition reimbursement, licenses, emergency contact information, Health benefits coverage, induction and travel reimbursement
      • Provides the ability to generate valuable reports on the data
      • Provides the end user complete control of their data allowing them to input and update each employee as needed

      Annual Employee Compensation Benefits Statement

      • Allows the organization to provide a detailed statement to each employee in the organization listing salary and benefits and the total cost of their compensation package provided by the organization. It is a great tool used to show employees how much the organization contributes in addition to their take home pay.
      • Initial setup is included with year one subscription fee. Major changes in later years may require another setup charge.
      • Includes one hour training session on generating reports (it?s that easy to use!).

      Employee Absence with Web-based Requests

      • Keeps track of employee absence entitlements
      • Automates rollovers each year based on contract terms, length of service and other factors
      • Rollover assistance included
      • Offers extremely easy query and reporting capabilities
      • Tracks substitute assignments within the organization
      • Tracks Long Term Leaves and FMLA usage
      • Provides a daily automatic absence report that can be sent to all levels of administration based on the rules you setup ? supervisors only see their employees while directors can see everyone in underneath them.
      • Security is setup so that you control what information can be seen by different management levels within your organization.
      • The Web-based request section turns your Employee Absence System into an interactive web based system by allowing your staff to submit absence requests on-line. Requests are then forwarded to the supervisor for approval and a report is generated daily for the appropriate management review.
      • This eliminates the need for paper requests while at the same time automating the tracking and history of employee entitlements.
      • Allows employees to view and print their absence history online.

      My HR Employee Module

      • Designed to relieve Human Resource departments of easily automated data entry tasks by turning over to your employees.
      • Eliminates double work by having employees directly input demographic changes about themselves into the database instead of the HR department copying from paper request sheets.
      • Allows employees to request tuition reimbursement online.
      • Allows employees to request travel and conference reimbursement online.
      • Allows employees to update their own emergency contact data online.
      • Allows employees to update their own personal information online.
      • Allows updates to other fields that you allow.
      • Allows employees to view staff directory.
      • Provides access to policies and documents based on contract group

      Custom applications to help you reach your organizations goals.

      For demonstrations or to learn more about what the MIS's programming department can do for your organization, contact MIS at 610-769-1010.