Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit

  • All CSIU software is created and maintained using Microsoft's Visual FoxPro relational database development software. This sophisticated programming technology combined with the skills of our experienced developers results in software that offers:CSIU

    Ease of Use

    Straightforward user interfaces for easy, efficient data entry, processing, and report generation.

    Context-sensitive help messages and field identifiers to assist in data entry/selection.

    Detailed user's manuals available in PDF format from application menus.


    Screen, mouse, and keyboard functionality conforms to basic Windows conventions.

    Consistency in appearance and functionality throughout all applications.

    Effective Integration

    Maximized efficiency and consistency through the seamless integration of applications, allowing common data to be shared.

    All applications include Query Maker, a report writer with download capabilities to other packages.

    Mail merge functions work with Microsoft Office products for creating customized letters.


    Browse and query tools to locate data quickly.

    Maximum flexibility and control in report generation through numerous criteria selection options, multiple sort options, date ranges, and output control.

    Data Security

    Underlying global security module allows you to establish one login and password for each user across all CSIU applications.

    You determine each user's level of access to each application.

    You control which menus and menu options individual users have available to them.

    You establish, on a user-by-user basis, the individuals permitted to perform critical functions.

    Data restoration capabilities allow for correction of processing activities.

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